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29/08/2016 - The EAAP cattle network will organize two sessions at the next EAAP annual meeting in Belfast "Improving the quality and sustainability of beef production" (Monday, August 29th, 2016)


Phenotyping important (novel) traits, optimizing the work and sharing the added value along the chain and guaranteeing beef quality and composition are essential for the future of the beef sector. Abstracts dealing with all aspects of sustainable beef production, quality and supply from producers to consumers have been accepted.

Two invited speakers are planned in the morning: Dr Linda Farmer from Northern Ireland will present a talk entitled “Beef Eating Quality – a European Journey” and Dr Sarah Bonny from Australia will argue that “The variability of European beef can be reduced by predicting consumer satisfaction”.

One invited speaker in the afternoon, Dr N.D. Scolllan will give a talk entitled “Improving efficiency and reducing waste in the beef supply chain”.

01/12/2015 - A Scientific reference group will work in Brussels on eating quality under the responsability of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


06/11/2015 - Report on an International meeting on Beef and Lamb carcass grading to underpin consumer satisfaction is available at





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