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The Cattle Network website exists since 2005. The rapid development of our online meeting point for the cattle sector and the very positive comments we are receiving from visitors  encourage us to continue our efforts and you to take active part in its development. 

The Cattle Network website needs your support in order to constantly improve its services to you and achieve its goal of being your online point of reference for the cattle sector. Your contribution will help us maintain and expand our online community. In acknowledgment of your contribution we will provide space for your organization in the Cattle Network website, thus offering you full visibility among professionals in the cattle sector in Europe and beyond.  Have a look at the following contribution scheme:


With a contribution of

100 we will place a link to your organization on the "Contributors" page of the website for a month

300 we will place the logo of your organization and a link to your website on a specific section (of your choice) of the Cattle Network website for a month

500 we will place a banner with information on your organization, visible on every page of the Cattle Network website for a month


Take advantage of these opportunities in the context of the launching of the new Cattle Network website!  


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