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EU CALL PEOPLE - DEADLINE 17th August 2010

FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IIF - Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships

FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IEF - Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships

FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IOF - Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development


EU CALL NEWS 22/02/2009 - DEADLINE 31st MAY 2010

ICT Agri ERA Net Transnational Call


EU NEWS 18/12/2008

Antitrust: Commission welcomes European Court of Justice judgment in the French Beef case


EU NEWS 04/09/2008

European Parliament urges commission to ban animal cloning for food supply


EU NEWS 24/07/2008

€ 45.7 million EU support for the promotion of agricultural products


EU NEWS 12/06/2008

Agriculture and Enlargement of the EU


EU NEWS 10/06/2008

Commission proposes clearer and more risk-proportionate rules for animal by-products


EU NEWS 16/01/2008

Bluetongue: Commission offers co-funding for vaccination campaign

EU NEWS 08/01/2008

Animal Welfare: Commission report confirms the potential benefits of banning conventional battery cages for laying hens

EU NEWS 03/10/2007

Commission to recover € 145.2 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States


EU NEWS 22/09/2007

European Commission informed of Bluetongue in the UK

EU NEWS 12/09/2007

Member States agree to new traceability rules for animal by-products


EU NEWS 12/09/2007

Information on the foot and mouth disease outbreak in the UK in 2007

EU NEWS 11/06/2007

Agriculture Council: Agreement on clearer use of the sales description 'veal'


EU NEWS 04/04/2007

Commission charges nine Member States for the build-up of surplus stocks of agricultural products


EU NEWS 29/03/2007

CAP simplification: Commission moves to improve Cross Compliance system



Animal welfare in transport: new EU rules enter into force



Commission to take Greece to Court for inadequate staffing of its veterinary services



Competition: Commission welcomes Court of First Instance judgment in the French Beef case


EU Information

Fact Sheet: The EU Rural Development Policy 2007-2013


EU News

The Commission adopts new rules on State aid in agriculture


EU News

Transitional food safety and veterinary measures agreed for Bulgaria and Romania


EU News

FP7 Third Country Agreements expected to apply from January 2007


EU News

Member States back a series of veterinary and food safety decisions for after Enlargement


EU News

Commission approves over €11.5 million to tackle animal diseases in Bulgaria and Romania in 2007


Council of Europe workshop

“Animal Welfare in Europe: achievements and future prospects”

23-24 November 2006


EU News

European Research Council

Work Programme 2007


EU News

Member States face levies of € 377 million for exceeding milk quotas


Info box 

European Technology Platform on Food for Life

Online web consultation questionnaire


Info box 

The future of livestock genomics

US-EU Task Force on Biotechnology Research

Workshop, July 2006


EU News

Food Safety: EU action against UK dairy agreed



7th Framework Programme

Specific programme "Cooperation"

Theme 2: Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology

Draft Workprogramme 2007-2008


NEW EU Report 

Rural Development in the European Union - Statistical and Economic Information - Report 2006


EU News

Commission will allow Member States to grant advance payments of direct aid to farmers


EU News

Commission proposes to clarify the use of the sales description 'veal'


NEW EU Report 




Drought: Commission proposes to allow farmers to feed livestock on set-aside areas


EU - Committee of the Regions

Investment and innovation are key to increased competitiveness
in the EU agricultural sector, concludes CoR seminar


EU publication

"The agricultural trade developments of major WTO players"

Monitoring Agri-trade Policy - June 2006



EU: Stricter rules for the veterinary medicine Micotil


EU Legislation

Council Regulation 509 (20/03/2006) on agricultural products and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed


Council Regulation 510 (20/03/2006) on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs


NEW EU Statistics

Main stages in the meat food chain in Europe

by Eurostat


EU Budget

Budget breakdown of the Seventh Framework Programme


EU News

Registration of PDOs and PGIs by producers in third countries



Speech by Commissioner

M. Kyprianou at the conference "Animal Welfare - A Part of EU Food Chain Policy"

30 March 2006


EU News 

BSE: UK beef embargo to be lifted


EU News 

Code of good practice for breeding farm animals in Europe



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CAP and the Cattle Sector



EU Publication 

Community scale for the classification of carcases of adult bovine animals


EU Document 




EU News 
EU adopted Action Plan to improve animal welfare



NEW ! 

EAAP article: 


IN THE EU AND THE CAP REFORM - An overview of situation and trends

Read the summary here



EU News 
Commission acts to put an end to export refunds for live animals


FAO Publication

Responding to the "Livestock Revolution"


News Box

Commission approves €185 million to fight animal diseases in 2006


News Box

EU: Public internet consultation on animal welfare

Read the results


EU products
Information and promotion programmes concerning beef and veal


EU publication
Science for society  Science with society Knowledge base for food-health-agriculture  in the EU


EU international policy
EU and China link up to promote the knowledge-based bio-economy


New policy paper
Community Strategic Guidelines for Rural Development 2007-2013


EU News

EU Commission authorises import of GM-oilseed rape for use in animal feed


EU News
€ 26 million EU support for the promotion of agricultural products


EU News
EU success: OIE adopts international guidelines on animal welfare


EU News
WTO Panel upholds EU system of protection of “Geographical Indications”


EU News
Agricultural products prices for the entire year 2004 





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