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Breed information 


Geographical - historical info 

The Limousin originated in the west of the mountainous Massif Central region in central France. (...) During the mid-1800s Charles de Léobardy from Les monts d'Amabazac, achieved remarkable improvements in these cattle. He can be regarded as the founder of the breed which in 1854 became officially recognized. (...) In 1886 the Limousin herdbook was founded, but the switch to a single-purpose beef animal did not take place before the twentieth century. The foundation of the modern Limousin took place in the period 1900-30 when meat was in great demand among the growing urban populations and transport of fattened stock became easy with the construction of railways. 


With excellent meat-fat and meat-bone rates, the Limousin continues to be a popular beef breed in many parts of France, numbering 1,5 million head, of which 600,000 cows and 33,000 bulls in 1992. It has been exported to some 60 countries all over the world.  


Morphological info

After the beginning of the 20th century the breed has not changed in height, but has increased considerably in weight. At the turn of the century, for example, the average weight of a Limousin cow was 425 kg, while today the average cow weighs 700 kg. Bulls now weigh as mush as 1,200 kg. Cows stand 137 cm at the withers, while the average Limousin bull stands 145 cm. 


Limousin calves, which are bred for veal, slaughtered at three to four months at 140-170 kg, dressing out at 67.5%, are known as Veau d'Italy. Calves which, after a weaning period of three months, and an intensive fattening period up to their tenth month, are slaughtered at a weight of 400-500 kg are called Veau Saint Etienne. Young steers, slaughtered at 14 months age, weighing up to 570 kg are given the name Veau de Lyon. Limousin bulls are becoming more and more popular for crossbreeding with old land-race breeds in France.      


Source: Marleen Felius, Cattle breeds - an encyclopedia, Doetinchem, Netherlands : Misset, 1995




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Basic breed info
Name: Limousin

Origin: France, authentic breed

Status: National/ international

Size: Large

Purpose: Beef



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