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Breed information


Geographical - historical info

The heavy and powerful Romagnola breed native to Emilia is more Podolian in type than the other breeds in this subgroup, and also the smallest. Improvement of the bred started at the beginning of the 19th century, with selection for beef conformation rather than draught qualitites. (...) Around the turn of the last century the breed was exported to Croatia, and used to upgrade the Istrian. In the period between the World Wars, Romagnola bulls were used for upgrading the Italian Podolian. 


Today, the breeding area of the Romagnola is located in the northeast of Italy, around Reggio, over Emilia-Romagna, eastward from Reggio to the Adriatic coast and south of Venice down to Pesaro. However, numbers have been declining over the years. In 1960 there were 590,000 head and by 1987only 42,000 remained, of which 17,563 were registered in the herdbook. In 1991 the breed numbered 11,000 females, of which 9,200 were herdbook recorded, and 235 sires.


Since 1973 the breed has been exported to Great Britain and it was introduced to the USA and Canada the following year. (...) Furthermore exports have been made to Australia, New Zealand and Argentina, and in these countries herdbook societies have been established.


Morphological info

The average Romagnola cow weighs 700-900 kg and stands 135 cm high; the bull weighs an average of 1,000-1,300 kg and stands 145 cm high. The head is short and wide in contrast to other Large White breeds of Italy. The horns are of medium length, and the body is rounded with heavy legs. For the last 20 years selection has focused on heavy liveweights, with young bulls of 20-22 months of age finishing at 800-850 kg.



Source: Marleen Felius, Cattle breeds - an encyclopedia, Doetinchem, Netherlands : Misset, 1995




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Basic breed info
Name: Romagnola

Origin: Italy, authentic breed

Status: Regional/ international

Size: Large

Purpose: Beef



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