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Breed information


Geographical - historical info

A composition of several old local land-cattle races, the Apulian today is bred in four strains, found in the southern part of Italy:

- the Pugliese (Podolica Pugliese)

- the Lucanian (Podolica Lucana)

- the Campanian (Podolica Campana)

- the Calabrian (Podolica Calabrese)


The original habitat of these cattle covered a much wider area in the south, as weel as in Venetia, Verona and Vicenza in Northeast Italy. Local strains, that are now extinct were the Venetian (Pugliese del basso Veneto), Murgese and Abruzzese.


A herdbook and breed society were established in 1931. Until 1940 improvement was achieved using Romagnola, Maremmana and Swiss Brown bulls, while after World War II Chianina and Marchigiana bulls were used. In 1984 the National Association of Beef Cattle Breeders in Rome established a revised herdbook for the Apulian, in which 965 bulls, 23,400 cows and 12,000 young stock were registered in 1987. Crossbreeding, especially to Simmental, Swiss Brown, Romagnola and Italia Friesian is increasing. The breed totalled 53,000 females, of which 20,000 were herdbook recorded with 437 sires in 1991. Numbers are currently increasing.


Morphological info

Apulian Podolian animals vary in size and weight, depending on the region in which they are bred. Cows average 370-440 kg, at 125-130 cm, while bulls average 650-750 kg, and stand 150-155 cm at the withers. Though bred mainly for extensive beef production, the animals are still used for draught purposes in some areas, while cows can be milked with a calf at foot, a practice still maintained by some farmers. The average milk yield is only 1,300 kg. The strong points of this late maturing breed are its hardiness and soundness.       



Source: Marleen Felius, Cattle breeds - an encyclopedia, Doetinchem, Netherlands : Misset, 1995




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Basic breed info
Name: Apulian Podolian

Origin: Italy, authentic breed

Status: Regional

Size: Medium

Purpose: Dairy/Work/ Beef



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