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The Cattle Network Working Group has been established in order to target exchanges between research and the industry in the cattle sector.

Its main aims are as follows:
•             Monitor and discuss trends in production and consumption of cattle products and policy measures affecting the cattle sector
•             Analyse the sustainability of cattle farming in order to ensure the meeting of market demand and consumers’ preferences for quality and safe food, contributing to rural employment, landscape and environment management.
•             Give common and standardized tools to present and describe farm management.
•             Follow previous organization as far as meetings, publications and relationships are concerned



The activities of the Cattle Network Working Group will be re-organised under the responsibility of the cattle commission and more precisely under the responsibility of Dr Jean-François Hocquette (INRA, Clermont-Ferrand, France) who will become vice-president of the cattle Commission.


Everyone who wishes to contribute to the activity of the Cattle Network Working Group and to become member of the core team is invited to contact JF Hocquette (

Please, have a look at for any new information in the cattle sector



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